Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feb 22 2009

February 22, 2009
Last friday, we buried our very missed companion and room mate. It was a very moving and upbeat good bye to our friend. John, her soul mate really crumbled though, and literally collapsed onto the ground. If you were to know Vicki, you wuld come to understand the effect she has had on this community and to all her friends outside of the community.

I had known her first at a Job service program for homeless people. As she was the first person to greet you when you signed in. She was alaways understanding and straightforward, having a smile on her face most all of the time. Many di not this side of her. She has known homelessness and it's injustice from the perspective of being homelees and of serving them. She knew how important it was to find ways to make them feel wanted and to help by means of empowerment and not just charity.

We said our good bye Friday afternoon, but we also know her spirit will remain in this household. Rest in Peace Vicki.

I will be getting together with some friends later on, to jam together and to make music. I believe that now I am retired, have to keep myself busy in many differnet ways. And I have always enjoyed music, and in my earlier days in High School and College, I use to enjoy composing, experimenting and performing. If we ae good enough we may create some mixes and make our own cd's and share the music on LastFM. Proceeds if any any will go to support my ministry.

Well again I would like to remind my readers that a trust fund in memory of Vicki is being created, and in the future I will keep you posted on the way it evolves. Enough for now.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Message To America, October 21, 1946 Mahatma Gandhi

[Preston Grover of the Associated Press of America asked Gandhiji, during an interview in New Delhi, if he had any message for America.]

Dislodge the money God called Mammon from the throne and find a corner for poor God. I think America has a very big future but in spite of what is said to the contrary, it has a dismal future if it swears by Mammon. Mammon has never been known to be a friend of any of us to the last. He is always a false friend.

Monday, February 9, 2009

In memory of Vicki Holden

One of the main ministries I have been participating with has been advocacy and hospitality work for the homeless. I have been activelu involved with this work fo 30 years.

Most recently, in the last three years a community house which also offers hospitality to a very limited number of homeless people has emerged and grown. It was started by a formerly homeless man, who lived in Berkeley. His soul mate of the last three years passed away from struggling with a lengthy illness Sunday night.

I want to honor her by establishing a trust fund in her memory and from this trust fund, property will be purchased for the community. It will be called the Vicki Holden Memorial Hospitality House, to serve as the community house and provide services to a limited number of people. Currently we are a community of formerly homeless people who are disabled, but govern ourselves. Please contact me, if you would like to help us in any way

Rev Bob Mills D.Div.