Saturday, May 24, 2008

need help

I am in the process of transfering my original website to the domain host Melbournb IT services from Microsoft small business services, as I cannot afford the charges incurred from Microsoft. The hosting services are 14.00 per monthper month. I really could use some help in this. I need to cover a few months. As far as the domain name it is is paid for to 3/23/2009. So of someone could help me out, please send to my PayPal account whatever amount you would like to contribute.

I have a pending disability claim, so at the moment I have no fuhnds to do this, but want to be able provide IT and internet consulting services by way of the internet - so need to be able to preserve exisitng domain name rather than starting new with added charges and fees. This will be a way for me to supplement income. I would like to be able to cover this fee of $14 oer month for at least 6 months. And if possible renew my domain name for at least one more year ($35.00). So what I need in total is $119.00.

Cyberb Solutions website will provide news about the most current technology and online business applications and enhancements,help topics and discussion boards. It will also bea contact point for my clients as they subscribe to services which will be provided through this web site. And by providing this, I can keep my email address - of which I will lose if I cannot make this transition and all current contacts will be lost and this will make it impossible to recreate.

If you can help with this, any assistance you provide will be counted as a subscription if you so choose and which I will place you on my business contact list for notices of updates and news. I will also offer to you online technical assistance if you need such. This you can take advantage of, if when you send me whatever amount you choose, information and details of what kind of technical problems you want me to troubleshoot.

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