Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Quest(ion) for Balance

I make no apology for my current condition and how it has effectively made me who I am today. Un like what I was , so many years ago when age, illness and other circumstances now interfere with my ability to work and do so many other things. My only real regret has been ti have run of time to be able to do the things I use to enjoy, like being to get up in the morning and walk wherever I may like or to do whatever I like. Physically and economically I have been severely limited, as a consequence of diabetes and it’s accompanying complications. But even with these limiting factors I continue to live and to strive for my self betterment, only more deeply aware of what I have to do to and to reshape the vision of how life ought to be. I also realize that my self betterment is more in tune with egalitarian objectives, in that however I can improve my self, others around are also improved and thereby humanity advances., in proportion to my own self realization and transition.

I can assist in the facilitation of change and growth, through my own change and growth, so long as I remain open to the positive and not allow the negative dominate my life. In the bigger scheme of things, I am but one very minute microcosm of the whole, but powerful enough nonetheless to affect the whole. Being humble and ‘selfless’ is part of becoming this agent of change, through realization of who you are in relation to the the whole. The universal is a one over soul and you are small reflection this over soul with trillions of others through time and space. But think for a moment how much greater you really are when considered that you are loved as all others are so loved, that you are no less important as are all the others, and that you are equally an agent of change. So can you see? What can you see?

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