Sunday, June 20, 2010

Superficiality and Religiosity

Religiosity is too often self bloated and takes one away from the real
relationship between each other and God... too often we find ourselves
kneeling before an image of Christ , Buddha or whomever, with intense
longing for love and only find plastic, paper and wood around us.
Spirituality observes the very inner core of one's being in a moment of
eternity, and asks only that we be present at this moment -we do not have
to struggle. plea or do any of the other things religiosity demands,
instead the relationship between God and myself is personal and intense,
just as when I reach out to my neighbor or my enemy, I am sharing that
relationship in a deeply personal and intense manner. Jesus calls us to
love one another even as God does, and you do not have to have any
prerequisite for this kind of love, it is unconditional to begin with, and
while has no beginning, it has no end either. It is eternal, and a part of
heaven right in our midst. For such love, it is God himself within and

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