Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Upton Sinclair Mutual Aid Fund

With current cutbacks in government support systems, a huge hole in the social safety net has been created. This affects many unemployed workers who are losing their benefits, many unemployed have already lost their homes from illegal foreclosures and the disabled workers are seriously hurting. It is for this reason I have with the help of the Social Democrats-USA and the league for Industrial Democracy have initiated the Upton Sinclair Mutual Aid Fund. I know the times are hard and giving is very difficult, but those who have fallen through the cracks it is going to be even harder. it does not look like things are going to get better either. So I ask you to ask the Spiritual Progressives to endorse this project and help us get it off the ground.

The funds purpose is two fold. The first is to provide emergency assistance grants to unemployed and disabled workers and the second is to provide funding to worker initiated local projects such as hospitality house, food distribution programs, collective coffee houses etc. it will be privately supported by individualist, unions, Foundations and Churches.

The Upton Sinclair Mutual Aid Fund, a project of the League for for Industrial Democracy. A fund to address the needs of the unemployed worker and disabled. Providing funds for worker initiated projects and provide emergency assistance grants to individuals in crisis.
PO Box 5307
Johnstown, PA,
Checks or Money Orders to:League for Industrial Democracy. In the memo portion, Robert/Upton Sinclair Mutual Aid Fund

In the depression, many worker organizations, set up a fund of this nature to help unemployed and disabled worker and families.

With all of the budgets cuts, the refusal to allow cost of living adjustments, and the on going senseless wars costing billions of dollars and untold mysery and lives taht our government is forcing upon the American taxpayer, the resonsibility really does lay on a Congress and a President who have hearts and a conscience which is lacking today. I am on the very brink of losing my housing, personl appeals have turned up nothing, and should I lose my current housing,it will literaly be a death sentence waiting on the isolated streets. For on the street, there is no way of refrigerating my insulin and to carry my needles on my person puts me at risk with hard core drug addicts and the Police who do not know in the immediate moment that i am diabetic.

Untold hundreds or even thousands who fall through the safety net of social services have faced similar dilemmas, and many die as voiceless victims of a system which cares more for the wars of dominations than for those who harbor our streets. In the years that I myself had experienced the loneliness and desolation of being homeless, I had known 6 people who were diabetic and could not care for themselves in the manner they should died within a four year period. I also knew of one person with a terminal illness who was found dead near a dumpster one morning and was reported in the newspaper as one John Doe. He had no family to claim him.

An injury to one is an injury to all.

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