Friday, April 22, 2011

Fast for Peace and Life April 22nd-Good Friday/ Earth Day fast and demonstrations for peace and social justice

I am thoroughly convinced that we are soon entering a new age for humanity, an age where the need or desire to have wars and to use violence to resolve our problems is coming to an end. It is an age, that where once lives and resources would be used to wage a war for whatever rationalization cannot be justified nor rationally supported. We have spent our resources from this Earth and from each other. it is really time for governments to stop and redirect energies to peace and disarmament -

and should these governments refuse to do so, the people themselves using all of the weapons of non-violence AVAILABLE should say, with one voice no more... La Basta. WE WILL NOT CO-OPERATE. ACTIONS OF NON CO-OPERATION AND NON-COMPLIANCE SUCH AS WORK STOPPAGES, BLOCKADES AND EVERY OTHER MANNER OF NON-VIOLENT ACT SHOULD COMMENCE.

The recent tragic events of Pakistan and India, the tragic oil spills and consequent ecological ruining, the strife and violence in such places as Kashmir and so many other events occuring at this time should convince humanity, it is time to unite, to see each other as brothers and sisters. The earth itself is crying out NO MORE.

Fasting, true fasting not merely a hunger strike has been effectively used in the past to bring about social change and awaken peoples heart to peace. Mahatma Gandhi used the Fast unto Death to assist in bringing about independence and to call for the cessation to violence effectively, and others since then have as well. It is not just a protest like the typical hunger strike, for it has a deeper spiritual objective - and as Jesus in the Christian faith stated that there is no greater love than one who gives up his life for another - the Fast is a dying to self and a dying to the world so as to be open to a higher spiritual awakening

On Good Friday, April 22, I am going to commence such a fast. A Fast for Peace and an end to all violence. This fast shall be complete and total - it is not to be considered merely a hunger strike or just some political act of protest. It is a protest, but it is more... a seeking after reconciliation, peace and social justice, within and without. I am calling for world leaders to come together and really find ways to lay down arms, raise up the needs of the world's population, end oppression. To the tyrants and power mongers, convert your hearts and to the rest more just government begin disarmament. This Fast is calling for the cessation of all violence by all sides.

This decision may seem to be foolish act, and especially for someone who is diabetic and have other health problems. But I am convinced that we are at the cross roads - either we choose the path of non-violence or we will face extinction. The earth will make the the decision for us, and select some other species to support in the ecological scheme of things. It may seem foolish to most, because I do not have the celebrity status of a Gandhi, King, or Chavez, I am not well known as the Dai lai Lama or anyone with any status. That is not important, it is the act that is important, and it is spiritual, having a tremendous spiritual power that has yet to be released upon the world. And it will become even powerful as others join me in solidarity, in accordance to their own ability and willingness to fast... for a day, a week or however long they want ot join with me.. this could include a relay fast on global scale never before witnessed - everywhere.

Peace to everyone.

Post script: We voted unanimously to endorse fast and distribute leaflet at Oct 2 March on D.C.

Gabriel Kierran Mccloskey-Ross

The Populist Wedge, May Day USA Committee and Social Democrats, USA--Socialist Party, USA

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