Sunday, January 13, 2008

Music and the Cosmos

Karl Jung, the mystic psychologist wrote about the collective unconscious of humanity - and after him many philosophers speculated that there is the a common thread of themes in our history through symbols, myths and fables. This may mean that if there is a collective unconscious, there is a collective consciousness as well. This has been described as Spirit or geist.

This Spirit of humanity streams through time and space, marking common points in history and development. For Marxists, this boils down to historical materialism - but for others, it includes all that make up humanity. The ancient Greeks following the lead of Pythagoras declared that the prime numbers made up all of the cosmos, and that music was the expression of this.

I believe in this spirit and that additionally that we are not alone in this universe. Additonally as we explore our nature and our evolvement, it is quite conceivable that our origins lay elsewhere. And because of this... we seek outward and dream of exploring the vast universe of ours. Yet most of us will not be able to journey into space, but we can observe and seek after thepossibility of intelligent extra-terrestial life.

For this reason, I just recently installed the software for Seti@HOME, having better processing power available and more memory. If you are curious as to whether or not there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe - join SETI research project - it is now run through the UC Berkeley Astrophysics dept and connected to numerous radio telscopes and satellites.

The way it works, is simply a vast global networks which uses unused processing power on your computer being linked to this network, and a constant stream of data is processed from the various parts of the universe being observed. All of this data then is analysed and sorted. If there is intelligent life, then this information will used to pinpoint the most likely spot to begin efforts to make first contact.

Join me on this and maybe we can start a group on 360 and expand our contact list. See

Go to and after you are set up, you can use the link there to sennd me a meassage. You don't have to be a scientist or student to partipate, as Berkeley analysts handle all the data collected. You are volunteering your processing power for SETI to use.

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