Sunday, January 6, 2008

Once again...

It is going to very difficult for me to be optimistic or positive this year, as so much negativity has happen to me and all around me. Much will have to change to change this. I need very much to expereince some very positive changes in my personal and public life, and in the outside world.

It has been difficult for me to work, and my legs are giving out on me, as ther rest of my health declines. I have been denied social security benefits and will have to appeal the cecision. It has been documented that claims these days can take up to three years or more. I am apprehensive about this, as I am of the survival of America. My family line are predisposed not to survive this diabetes mess, and since I havew no way of getting medical tratment, I must find alternative ways of treating it. I have applied three time for medival public assistence through welfare and was denied - been told that once I get ssi, it will be automatic. But in the meantime, I have no doctor care or treatment because I do have health insurance. And i have no income except the $300 per month GA grant (which I have to pay back once I get ssi or income) -

Through entrampment and deceit I have been locked out of economic life in this country. I am falsely accused of being suspect in dealing weith counterfeiters because a certified cashiers check issued by Bank of America is suspected of being counterfeit - oif such wastrue, then why would my former bank wait an entire month before acting on it. letting me use the money as if it was real and legitimate? I waited the 48 hours and an additional day and half after it was posted. For a month I was using the money to pay bills, buy food, and the such -Then after the 30 days, everything was turned upside down. My account was frozen, bank cards were deactivated and everything in my life has been disrupted. I am no lover of this stinking capitalist system, and i more than ever want to see it's demise and collapse. No system based upon greed and personal acquisition is viable to the common good of humanity - the social and economic is based upon injustice, inequity and war. I want nothing of it. However if you do not particiapte in it and be complicit of it, you cannot live. The Fundamentalist Christian ideology speaks of the coming Beast and it's number, and how if you do not have it, you vcannot live. Well it is already here. The beast is capitalism and if you don't play by it's rules, then forget about being able to live by any standard. it will make it impossible for you for you to make a living, you will not be able to have a bank account, and don't even think about being granted credit. The beast is only interested in it's own self aggrandisement and power. Greed, power, and complete control of the materrial resources of the world are the only interests of this system. Money has been made into a God, and is worshipped and served. The individual person has become soulless, and nothing more than some some tax number to9 the system. The meaning of the life of an individual is solely based upon their productivity and by how much they are willing to sacrifice to this system. if you oppose it, then you are declared an enemy of the State. If you are a a society in opposition to it, expect to be bombed and militarily forced to accept this way of life, if you are an individual, expect to have your life taken away from you through the means of disenfracisement and the removal of your ability to buy and sell in this society. Our constitution and freedoms are being eroded, and for the 'common man' the ideals once enjoyed have been wiped clean out of existence. This 'common man' can enjoy life as long as they remain true to the machine which they have become a part of.

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