Thursday, July 10, 2008

Creeping Fascism continues to influence congress

As we seek to stop the big telco's from stealing the internet from us, let us keep in mind that if we fail in this campaign, we will see more of our rights being removed from us and given over to the big corporations and the centralized government. Such is the nature of fascism and the greater beast of the military industrial complex.

Senate Sells Out The Country: Approves Telco Immunity
from the sickening dept
by Mike Masnick

Wed, Jul 9th 2008 3:27pm

Well so much for the attempts to filibuster and block telco immunity from being approved. The Senate has granted the telcos immunity with a 69 to 28 vote, effectively handing the President a "get out of jail free" card to not just protect the telcos, but to hide any evidence that the administration's warrantless wiretapping program may have been illegal. This is a total capitulation, and goes against every concept of checks and balances our government was established under... more at

Big phone and cable companies are trying to eliminate Net Neutrality, the principle that protects our ability go where we want and do what we choose online.

More than 1.5 million supporters are fighting to keep the Internet free and open for everyone.

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