Saturday, July 5, 2008

My recovered web site is

I have completed the recovery and transfer of my web site. It is still being developed and I have not created all of the pages I want to have, it is live and ready to be read. Please visit, and send any comments you may have to It has been down for about a year, and I did not have a backup of the original. So I have had to recreate the whole web site from scratch (including the original design lay-out and content). I will be having new content and a totally new design, with emphasis on spirituality and political action, human rights and technology. The present web site was designed using the Sea Monkey Composer ( and Scream HTML editor (

You can visit my web site at

For those who love music, I do have a LastFM widget embedded on the first page, where visitors can see what music I am listening to, and go to Last FM and if they are not members already,they can sign up. This widget allows you to play music while examining the front page. Later on, I will be having a page dedicated to music and music news.

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