Sunday, January 11, 2009

Music as ministry and service

I like to announce to my readers (whomever they may be) that I have acquired my doctorate of divinity and certificate4e in spiritual counseling. I believe that music is one of the most affective spiritual activities of humanity. Through music, we can achieve higher states of consciousness and spiritual awareness. Music can induce an integrated state of being, combined with meditation.

So perhaps music can be considered a pure form of ministry, and as a minister of spiritual humanism, I can say there is no greater tool than music to achieve these higher states of being. Through music I can be in communion with my God and the community I serve.

So if you want to have an alternative vision and life, then visit me at and follow the instructions to become a member. I will not be spamming you with a bunch of newsletter items or even provide you with a series of email messages. Instead, I am availing myself to help you seek your own answers for critical life questions. And you may even share answers which may help someone else. In all though I encourage you to seek within yourself answers to universal questions, rather than accept blindly 'canned' answers and if you want and feel it necessary to share with others, you can email me and share your visions and revelations. So rock and roll forever and keep the beat going.

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