Monday, January 19, 2009

Update on Burma

Burma is of special interest to me. I support the efforts of human rights activists of the region, and encourage you to explore the various issues regarding Burma. Please visit, for the most up to date information and reports on what is happening in Burma

• Central Karen State: Burma Army and DKBA troops continue to attack civilians and KNLA troops in central Karen State along the Thai border. Villagers now have fewer and fewer places to hide.
• Northern Karen State: Relief in the Face of Attacks. Over 200 Internally Displaced People (IDPs) fled Burma Army attacks in the area of Takawder village in Kyauk Kyi Township.
• Karenni State: In southern Karenni State the Burma Army is trying to terrorize the population into submission by attacking those in hiding, capturing and forcing villagers to act as guides and porters.

Highlites of oppression and terror:

Over 200 Internally Displaced People (IDPs) fled Burma Army attacks in the area of Takawder village in Kyauk Kyi Township, northern Karen State in late December 2008 and Early January 2009. Troops under Burma Army Military Operations Command (MOC) 1 launched attacks and patrols into the mountains of northern Kyauk Kyi Township in search of hiding villagers. Villagers in this area fled multiple times in 2008, beginning when the Burma Army launched major attacks into the villages of Takawder and Thaw Nge Der in April. Villagers were unable to return home as the Burma Army built new camps close to these villages. The Burma Army is now hunting those in hiding in an attempt to terrorize them and force them into areas under its control or into refugee camps. These photos show glimpses of life for those recently displaced and some of the relief that reaches them.

On 7 January, Burma Army troops laid six landmines between Bu Koh and Gay Loe villages in southern Karenni State. This tactic, an attempt to scare villagers into Burma Army control and cease all support for the Karenni resistance, was part of a coordinated action by LIBs 430, 428, 337 and IB 135 between 31 December, 2008, and 10 January, 2009. Just prior to this action, in early December, Burma Army soldiers from LIB 337 captured the pastor of Pa Hoe village and two boys from Ka Waw Soe village. They forced them to guide the soldiers during an attack and were later released. During these sweeps for displaced communities and resistance soldiers in January, the Burma Army also laid numerous landmines, and forced villagers to provide food for the troops. In one case, on 6 January, every family from Bu Koh village was forced to give 10 cans of rice to the Burma Army soldiers. The Burma Army remains active in this area.

The Free Burma Ranger’s (FBR) mission is to provide hope, help and love to internally displaced people inside Burma, regardless of ethnicity or religion. Using a network of indigenous field teams, FBR reports on human rights abuses, casualties and the humanitarian needs of people who are under the oppression of the Burma Army. FBR provides medical, spiritual and educational resources for IDP communities as they struggle to survive Burmese military attacks.

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