Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year?

While chronically it is a new year, reality check requires me to ask the crucial question, is it any different or are we really able to celebrate the onslaught of more of the same as the last year? I mean, can we celebrate the facts of of the brokenness of the world? We continue to be at war, our environment is still critically ill, and our streets are full of violence. To top this off, most of us experience serious economic woe - poverty at home and abroad is out of control. youth still are facing a dismal future and we have a President who still is not representative of the people's will.

I know I sound so pessimistic, and many will accuse me of being too dark about our future, but what I am saying is true nonetheless, and we have to open our eyes and begin to move ourselves to some better future.

Music will play a major role in changing consciousness. Music can speak the truth universally and can communicate positive values and can really help to set us back on the right track - so play, listen and promote it. Maybe the world's musicians and singers can have a Save the World Concert tour on global scale never before organized this

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