Saturday, June 28, 2008

Logos Institute of Spiritual Humanism

The Logos Institute of Spiritual Humanism is an online community of
seekers, activists and all those who have been considered outside the
mainstream areas of spirituality and religion. I welcome again all
those who have already become members. Feel free to contribute by posting
messages, uploading files, and photos and links.

Those who are looking for a spiritual home, please join, and make your
contributions and help make this a vibrant community.

In time, we may grow as a community and as individuals. THrough sharing
we can grow, even at moments of disagreement and conflict.

To make this work, all individuals who join should participate and
share. Please feel free to use this group to promote the spiritual
perspective of Spiritual Humanism. Be advise though, that this group
is established for sharing and dialog. Violence, bigotry, racism,
sexism, and all manner of other prejudice will not be tolerated.
Otherwise it is an open community.

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